Sicilian burgundy: 1975 VW-Porsche 914 2.0


Lately we have rarely published VW-Porsche 914, obviously not because we don’t like it but because of the specimens for sale.


What we want to say is that lately the specimens around are either too expensive, or too rotten, or with an anonymous color match, but for this car the speech is different as it is the first one we see with a silver paint (or light gold?) matched with burgundy interiors: a very nice combination.


Furthermore, the car had only one owner and still has the original documents (however the plate is not the original one, but from 1983); it is certainly an example to restore but it is complete and does not seem to be rotten, also because it lived for most of its life in Sicily which has the same climate as southern California. Find it for sale at €9,000 (today $10,100) here in Siracusa, Italy.


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