Goggles included: 1932 Fiat 508 Balilla by Pininfarina


This car is an example of the reason why Classic Virus was born: to identify those special cars, even unique, built by hand up to the period when television was still a luxury for the few.


We are dealing with an extremely rare, if not unique, car: a Fiat 508 Balilla with a special Pininfarina body that has even put its logo on the wheel hubs, painted in a classic combination of the 30s, green and black.


The seller says the car was found in a garage near the former Autobianchi factory in Desio, on the northern outskirts of Milan, but has never been restored and in fact he says that all the components are original, including the goggles found in the compartment storage; the only actions taken are the coupon and the brakes, fixed last year but, in fact, in the last few years the car has never been driven. Find it for sale at $98,000 here in Milan, Italy.


One thought on “Goggles included: 1932 Fiat 508 Balilla by Pininfarina

  1. I feel that “F” stamped on wheel hubs stays for “Fiat”, not for “Farina”: many other Fiats from that age have hubcaps and wheel hubs marked this way.
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


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