Carrozzerie Speciali: 1948 Fiat 1100 B Trasformabile


If it is true that we like the small Fiat Berlinetta built in the 40s and 50s, it is also true that the convertibles built in the same period have their dignity of publication.

1280x960 (4)

This is the case of this 1100 B convertible (at the time called “Trasformabile”) built in small series by Fiat itself in a department called “Carrozzerie Speciali” (“Special Coachworks”), so to speak is the same department that was in charge of assembling the Fiat 8V inside the Lingotto plant; compared to the standard 1100 B this had the modified front.

1280x960 (2)

The car featured here seems correct and basically original: unfortunately the photos are not up to the rarity of the car, however it is clearly seen a paint now faded (even if we doubt that it is the layer of original paint); on the back and on the front fenders the orange turn signals have been added – in Italy mandatory since 1959 onwards – but basically the car seems to be correct, including the interior and the dashboard (the latter with some practical add-ons like a later speedo under the dash); last but not least, the seller says the car still has its original license plates. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $39,500) here in Venosa, Italy.

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