Small and red: 1958 Fiat 600 Coupé by Viotti


Perhaps you have already seen similar cars, but the truth is that most of the time you have seen a 600 Granluce, while here we are talking about a Coupe.


The difference with the sister Granluce is obvious: the coupe has a low roof with a completely different design, much more slender and harmonious, which makes this model a little gem, very appreciated by special Fiat fans also because, as you can guess, it is very rare.


Unfortunately the ad we report here has, practically, a non-existent description and of consegenza we can only comment on what we see in the scarce published photos: it is a car probably restored, at least partially, but whose restoration is not yet finished; it seems that all the chrome bodywork decorations are present but the lights, either front and rear, have not yet been installed. The interior is practically invisible but we assume that they are in good condition whileit seems that the rear glass is missing or not yet installed. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $39,000) here in Sirnach, Switzerland.


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