Merzario signature: 1970 Abarth 1300 Scorpione SS


And here is another Scorpione with a bodywork designed by Francis-Lombardi and, once again, it is a SS.


We are in fact amazed because the SS version is very rare, and when we write “a lot” it means – if our sources are not wrong – less than ten copies, which makes the SS a true collector’s item (and the asking price is consistent with this characteristic) inevitable in the collection of an Abarth enthusiast.


This SS in particular has been completely restored (and autographed by Arturo Merzario) and since the end of the restoration it has covered 350 km: we are not surprised because these are not exactly “comfortable” cars, however they are agile and quick as 70 hp are enough to push 650 kg cheerfully; obviously being a rare piece the asking price is a little less “cheerful”. Find it for sale at €78,000 (today $87,500) here in Modena, Italy.


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