Yellow sleeper: 1971 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix

Screen Shot 06-16-19 at 10.26 AM 001

Ok, yesterday we proposed what looks like the same car, but in reality it is not.

Screen Shot 06-16-19 at 10.25 AM 001

Here, in fact, we are talking about the same body (almost), the same interiors (even here, almost) but an engine and a very different origin. While the Scorpio SS was produced in Corso Marche in Turin, this was produced directly by Francis Lombardi in Vercelli, east of Italian Detroit.

Screen Shot 06-16-19 at 10.26 AM

This specimen ended up in Germany (where we actually saw several) and it appears to have been kept in a private collection for 40 years and never driven, which means that the engine, gearbox, brakes and suspensions will surely have to be redone, as well as paint that has bleached in some places. The vehicle is complete and the price is fair. Find it for sale at €14,750 (today $16,575) here in Reichersbeuern, Germany.


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