California dust: 1968 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport by Zagato


Among the many things that we would have expected was certainly not a Flaminia Super Sport in these conditions: it seems to have stopped for 35 years, that is since it is said to have been parked in a garage and no longer used.


The seller says that this is a traded-in car: the question arises as to which car the old owner then chose, given the already considerable value of this Lancia. In any case, the condition of this car is exceptional: we do not know if it has been restored in the past but the patina that it still preserves is beautiful.


This is not just about patina: in general the conditions seem very beautiful, the bodywork is very good (some repair on the rear left edge is visible but that’s actually a minor flaw), the interiors are beautiful and complete, the engine compartment is not in competition condition but it is clean and looks very original; the chrome is obviously gone but, to tell the truth, this does not interest us at all. Find it for sale at €248,000 (today $279,000) here in Brummen, Netherlands.


2 thoughts on “California dust: 1968 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport by Zagato

  1. I didn’t know they were producing this car in 1968. I thought production of all Flaminia coupes had ceased in 1967. If I had the means, I would buy it in a heartbeat (although I’m too mundane to drive a Super Sport and the Pininfarina coupe suits me better).


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