Swedish plate: 1958 Fiat 1200 Coupé by Pininfarina


It is the second time we see a Fiat Pininfarina like this on sale and, definitely, we are amazed because we thought that after the one published here, we would not have seen another one on sale for many years to come.


But there is nothing more beautiful than being amazed (in a positive sense) and therefore here is another, moreover red as the one already published, and coming from Sweden (at least from what we read on the plate). Differently from the first one which clearly needed a complete restoration, it seems to be in acceptable conditions, enough to be guided.


The interiors are still the original ones as well as the exterior for which, however, there is one thing we do not understand: the seller says that the rear hood is made of fiberglass and this leaves us a bit perplexed; it is certainly possible that in the past it was irreparably damaged or rusted and consequently rebuilt in fiberglass. However, doing it in metal should not be a particularly difficult undertaking. Find it for sale at €23,000 (today $26,000) here in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.


3 thoughts on “Swedish plate: 1958 Fiat 1200 Coupé by Pininfarina

  1. The French brochure, pictured in the ad, mentions the body is made from a mix of steel, light alloy and “polystères” – some sort of plastic sheet (or moulded?). So the trunk lid could be original.


  2. Thank you for pointing out this detail, I actually haven’t read the brochure and must say that’s quite a strange choice; I didn’t know that Pininfarina used to mix steel and plastics on the same car.


  3. I can assure you with 100% confidence that the rear trunk was originally made of fiberglass. I have this same model (a 1959 Pininfarina 1200 4 posti). The car has always had a fiberglass trunk – yet the rest of the body is completely hand panel beaten by Pinin farina coachworks. My guess is the curves of the trunk were too complex to efficiently hand panel beat and they wanted to experiment with fiberglass (which was still relatively new in 1958/1959). I would still love to see one of these restored 100% to see the true Pinin Farina beauty. I’ve been told that Fiat suppled the 1200 chassis (built in the Mirafiori plant) and PF built the bodies and completed assembly at Carrozzeria Pinin Farina S.p.A. in Torino.

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