Little blue special: 1955 Fiat 600 Rendez Vous by Vignale


And here, every now and then, another one of these small, elegant coupés comes out, built on a humble but solid base and dressed by a top-tier coachbuilder.


The carmaker in question is (or rather, it was) Alfredo Vignale whose career was very eclectic: he built cars for rich industrialists and movie stars but he never disdained to build special bodies based on utility cars that represented a challenge: on a limited budget you must use all your intellectual resources to reach the goal. This 600 Rendez Vous is in the final phase of restoration but work still needs to be done: the seller says that the interiors are new, the engine has been overhauled and the chrome parts are also being restored, what we are sorry is to see only two photos; since the asking price is not low, it would have been better to have more details on making the appropriate assessments, starting from the lack of the car plates and papers. In the meantime, find it for sale at €46,000 (today $51,300) here in Florence, Italy.


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