Be green/2: 1967 Simca 1200 S Coupé by Bertone


Finally another Simca 1200 S designed by Bertone. Finally because we had not seen it on the market for some time, and we are sorry of that because we have always liked this car.


Elegant, small and snappy are the main connotations of this small coupe that at the time had a moderate commercial success, perhaps also thanks to the engine of Fiat origin, robust and reliable as well as powerful enough in this version: we are talking about 70 hp, 50 years ago, they were not few.


Clearly, as can be seen from the photos, this car has not seen the road in a long, long time. If we were to bet we would say that it has been parked for 30 years; you can see very little of the bodywork, but the owner claims that the car needs only a light restoration, while the interiors seem in excellent condition, although the photos are not very clear. What we like most, however, is the green color of the paint that we have never seen on this model so far. What we like less is that the asking price is not exposed. Find it for sale here in Cisterna di Latina, Italy.


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