Totally open: 1957 Fiat 1200 TV Trasformabile


Every time we see a Fiat 1100 or 1200 TV Spider for sale in the US, we wonder what the tortuous path that led it to the other side of the pond may have been.


In this case, the owner’s first name seems Italian so it is also probable that this car came to California with him, but we cannot know in what conditions it was delivered; all we know is that the car is in fact completely disassembled and needs a restoration, although nothing particularly challenging.


We say this because, precisely because the car is dismantled, it is possible to observe the funds and the entire central section of the car quite well, which seems to be very solid and dry; the same applies to the engine compartment (empty) which looks quite healthy. The seller says that the car is complete (in the photos you can see many parts, the gearbox but not the engine even if we imagine that there is) and nothing else: it is true that this is a 1200 (and not the rarest 1100), but it is certainly worth bringing it back to shine. Find it for sale at $20,000 here in Pacifica, CA.


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