Red copy: 1953 Simca Gordini Barchetta replica


There are replicas of all kinds, badly made, ridiculous, so-so, done well: this Simca 8 certainly belongs to the last category.


It is a Simca Gordini barchetta rebuilt based on the chassis, engine and suspension of a Simca 8 (already quite rare in itself). Now, someone will turn up their nose seeing a Simca 8 that has been sacrificed but, at least from what you can see in the picture, we must admit that a lot of work and quality has been done here, starting from the aluminum body, supported by a hand-built steel cage.


The engine with the kit of two carburettors, the ventilated drum brakes, the interior of the car, the correct badges, everything seems to have been done with the utmost attention to detail: clearly the writer is not an expert on these French barchettas, however we must recognize that the car is full of period correct details. Of course, with the asking price you will never be able to build an identical one. Find it for sale at €36,500 (today 41,200) here in Gavirate, Italy.


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