Empty shell: 1957 VW-Devin D 295


As we have already written several times, the beauty of many hand-built fiberglass cars is the story that leads to their construction, often obscure and full of missing parts.


This shell was made by Bill Devin, well known in the field of car racing for having created bodies that fit to Volkswagen and Porsche chassis, this in particular is supposed to be even the prototype of his production, started in 1955 and adapted to a 1951 VW chassis.



The seller has reported a lot of information on the history of this body, including a list of documents that includes the title of the 1951 frame (shortened to fit the body), and some letters from the man who kept this body for many decades: we can’t to affirm that all this is correct but it is certainly a beautiful story to tell. The only problem we see here is that this is a car to build from scratch, and it is no small feat for anyone. Find it for sale at $7,500 here in Tucson, AZ.


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