Radium chance: 1952 Porsche 356 Coupé


We have already talked about classic cars this week in “driver” conditions, but here we propose another one even if completely different from the 2600 Spider.


Completely different for everything: year, type and construction philosophy; we have in fact realized that it is difficult to find an Alfa Romeo enthusiast who is also an Porsche enthusiast but this is our case, in this sense we consider ourselves rare animals. We have also seen that when we publish a Porsche the visits go down but, guys, that’s life.


This 1952 model was originally born painted in the Elfenbein shade, which is an ivory shade, but when it was imported in England in 2009 (from use) and restored, the owner decided that the right color was Radium Green and us we could add: excellent choice. The engine is not original but it is a 1952, the gearbox is a late one but the original gearbox (called “Crash Box”) is available. The point here is: given the crazy surge in prices of these cars, all in all the demand for this car is honest, given the conditions. Find it for sale here at £175,000 (today $228,000) here in UK.


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