First edition: 1967 Fiat 850 Spider by Bertone


The Fiat 850 Spider was one of the smallest successful spiders in the history of the car, especially if we talk about the first series.


In fact, the first series like the one presented here has the peculiarity of having the headlights covered that match the car lines well, making them softer and more harmonious in the front, also thanks to the thin chrome bumpers. It is not easy to find a first series in the USA but here there is one in good condition.


The color is red with black interiors, a combination that seems to be the original one on this car, the appearance in general seems very straightforward even though some details like the steering wheel and air filter are clearly not original, the engine compartment it is clean enough even if something is missing (what is that hole on the firewall?) and the period correct alloy wheels greatly improve the way it looks. It is not a perfect car for sure, however it does not take much to bring it to the top. Find it for sale at $11,900 here in Montgomery, IL.


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