Plain weird: 1990 Autech Stelvio by Zagato


We’ve never seen this car before, and we have no regrets about it. However it is rare, strange and designed by Zagato, so it deserves a quote.


The main reason why we have never seen this car is, in addition to its “non-classic” appearance, that this car was only sold in Japan, a country historically very fond of the creation of the Milanese atelier. The design of this car – which can be trivially called “weird” – actually hides a stylistic research effort – begun as early as the early 1970s – in which Italians were masters.


In addition to having a very particular design (you hate it or love it), this car is powerful, even by current standards: it is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 Nissan, equipped with two turbochargers, capable of giving off a power of 280 hp . A further peculiarity of this car is in the contrast between exterior and interior: the bodywork “screams” its presence while the interior is classic and elegant: this car is crazy stuff. Find it for sale at $49,500 here in Philadephia, PA.


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