Prewar coachbuilt: 1934 Lancia Augusta Coupé by Ghia


We do not take much care of the pre-war cars but not because we do not like them, but they are rare in themselves and the “specials” for sale are extremely rare.


But every now and then some of them jump out as in the case of this Lancia Augusta the body of which was built by Ghia (although we do not know if the special bodywork dates back to 1934 or later). A friend of ours, an expert of the Lancia brand, wrote in a forum that this car has the chassis # 234.1947.


We do not know how much they were built but it is easy to suppose very few, and for “very few” we mean no more than the fingers you have on your hands, and there is a good chance that this is a unique specimen, miraculously survived for 80 years. The photos are few, so we can say that the vehicle is in good condition; the seller says the front end has been serviced as well as the starter, the water cooler and the generator. The thing that we would certainly replace are the rear lights that are clearly not original, otherwise we leave the judgment to the experts of the brand. Find it for sale at €38,000 (today $43,000) here in Mantova, Italy.


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