Parchment white: 1961 Italia 2000 by Vignale


We know this model well; having already fully restored an Italy 2000, this car has few secrets for us.


However, as often happens, even this car has its peculiarity that we have never seen before on an Italia 2000 (in this case we are talking about the Vignale body #180): the engine currently installed is not that of original equipment but a replacement made by the Triumph itself and, as a testimony to this, there is a brass plate inside the engine bay applied by the Triumph.


Basically it seems quite original although some details have been replaced (but preserved) to improve performances: the ignition is now electronic, the steering comes from a TR4, the gearbox replaced as well as the rear leaf spring. Last but not least, the color is “Bianco Pergamena” (parchment white). The car is currently for sale in Germany at €79,000 (today $89,000) and the ad is posted on the “Triumph Italia 2000” FB page.


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