Old ivory: 1954 Porsche 356 Coupé


“Call for more photos and any questions,” says the seller of this 1954 Porsche 356 which, at least apparently, appears to be in an exceptional state of preservation.


Obviously, as the description of the car is missing, we can only make assumptions: if the car was actually stored and is today in these conditions then it is an exceptional example, if it has been restored in the past then it is a little less but, even if it had been restored, that’s about an old restoration, probably dating back to at least 30 years ago.


The chassis is #52095 but we do not know nothing about the engine number, nor the seller adds whether it is the original engine or not, but we believe this is a minor issue if the car has actually been stored as well as it seems. Find it for sale at $135,000 here in Waco, TX.


2 thoughts on “Old ivory: 1954 Porsche 356 Coupé

  1. Hallo William, Price will be Euro 1500,-

    All + shipping cost and in Europe + vat or vat firm number The best way to send it: FedEx shipping cost Euro 125,- very quick service or Normal post registered airmail Euro 45,- It is up to you. Payment can be done by; Paypal, address: info@italparts.com or bank transfer. Kind regards, Hans

    Hans van Ingen Schenau

    Instagram: italparts.cars Email: info@italparts.com Website: http://www.italparts.com


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