Scaled B20: 1953 Siata Daina Coupé


Here is a rare find, not only because very few Siata Daina were produced, but also because we thought it was very unlikely to find one yet to be restored and, for a change, it is red.


The last one we found for sal was in a state similar to this, but it was a convertible (or “Trasformabile” as it was originally called), and dates back to two and a half years ago. This, however, is in apparently better condition even if it has a major flaw: it no longer has its original engine, in fact, it does not have an engine.


Yet this car has a big positive side: the interiors seem original and complete, and those who have restored an Italian car that is not an Alfa Romeo know the enormous importance of this. Indeed all the components of the interior (seats, instruments, chrome friezes) are extremely rare and, if they’re missing, you have to look for them for years or redo them from scratch (if you have a mockup to refer to). Even the car’s body seems in good condition and, even, there are still the hubcaps that seem original, but we’re not sure about that. Find it for sale at $89,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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