Standing still: 1962 Ferrari v12 “Tipo 128F” engine and gearbox


This Ferrari v12 engine was removed years ago from a Ferrari 212 but it is actually a later engine. In fact this engine (should) belongs to a 250 GTE.


We can’t actually understand if this is a “tipo 128F” engine as we don’t know well the Ferrari engines family, so maybe someone more prepared than us cold give us an opinion about it. Other than the engine itself here there is also the gearbox, and that’s not bad at all.


It happens to find engines alone at the same asking price of this bundle so, whoever needs a spare engine and gearbox for his classic Ferrari (we know that many collectors use spare engines in their classic competition Ferrari in order not to destroy their original engines) or someone who wants to build his bespoke car, maybe by Touring or Zagato. Find it for sale at $125,000 here in Costa Mesa, CA.


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