One owner green: 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


I believe that this is for me one of the easiest car to review: first of all because I used to drive a grey one, then because the seller didn’t tell anything about this partcular car.


Actually the only thing that the seller says about this car is that it is a one owner car and that it has its original black plates: the second thing is sure as we see those plates, the first statement shall be proved when an interested party will go to check the car in person.


What we can basically say is that, at least at a first glance, the car is almost correct in every way (for instance, the hubcaps are not corect), it really seems a unmolested car, wel cared during its fifty years long life. For sure the paint is not the orignal layer but we believe that this particular color combo is the best one for this model. We would have seen some photos of the undercarriage and engine bay but we doubt that there will be bad surprises. Find it for sale at €49,000 (today $57,000) here in Roma, Italy.



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