Hidden surprise: 1974 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta


This is (at least should be) one of the few Alfetta GTV Turbodelta made by Alfa Romeo, actually assembled in the Autodelta shop at few kilometers far from the Arese factory.


Other than being rare, this is the first street turbocharged model built by Alfa Romeo aven though, as already just mentioned, it was hand built in the Settimo Milanese shop. The power was not much more than the naturally aspirated car but the torque increased, so whoever drove it told that this car has not the typical turbo lag of the first supercharged engines.


This particular car arouses our curiosity: first of all it can’t be built in 1974 as back then it wasn’t even an idea in the mind of Alfa engineers, at least this car should be built in 1978, then the paint which is not compliant with the production car: we don’t see the matt black hood as well as the side “Turbodelta” stickers. However, the vented hood is correct for this model. It would be nice if the seller would disclose more about it. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $35,000) here in Bergamo, Italy.


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