H Class racer: 1959 Abarth 750 Spider by Allemano


We wrote several times about these special Abarth built on the Fiat 600 chassis with an aluminium body designed and crafted by Allemano but, as long as we like them, we don’t miss a chance to publish one when we find it for sale.


This car was delivered new in the U.S.A. and soon it was converted in a racer (when new, these were road legal cars equipped with a soft top) with the addition of a roll bar (lately) and everything needed to join the H production SCCA class competitions. The first owner had the car until 1988.


The second owner restored the car (to very high standard, the seller says) soon after having bought it, then the car returned to vintage racing in 1991. Apart from those items which have been replaced (period correct italian mag wheels, tachometer, steering wheels and seats), the car look pretty solid and in good conditions. The actual engine has two big Weber two-throat carburetors which are not stock as well, the good thing is that another 850 c.c. engine is included in the sale. Find it for sale at $63,900 here in Wylie, TX.


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