Santa Rosa project: 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI


There’s something strange about this car: sure that’s a Giulia TI but, first of all, it can’t be from 1967 as in that year this model was replaced by the Giulia 1600 S.


The second issue is that this car, watching the engine and the front grill (which is laying on the rear bench) should be a 1600 TI but the rear chrome trim around around the taillight belongs to a 1300 TI. We admit that the Giulia sedan had several variations which we could ignore, however it is important to make these things clear.


The seller says that he has owned it for several years and hasn’t gotten to it so it’s time to let it go. The car needs work but it’s complete with the exception of the original radiator. Basically these cars are not hard to restore, even though if you want to do things properly that’s not a cheap job at all. On the other side we guess that the Giulia Berlina are the most sought after classic sedans so, why not? Find it for sale at $8,200 here in Santa Rosa, CA.


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