Almost original: 1966 Alfa Romeo GT Junior


Nope, that’s not the same car published saturday but a less powerful version, at least on paper: that’s a GT Junior but powered by the 2.0 L version of the most famous twin cam engine ever.


The seller says that the car is in amazing mint original shape but, with all due respect, cars in mint original conditions are not like this one. Don’t get us wrong though: that’s a nice one but it has been clearly modified in the past, beginning from the engine swap which makes it more powerful but less original at the same time.


Other than the engine, the wheels have been replaced with later “Millerighe” model, and the interiors is the beautiful one used both in the GTA Junior and the 1750 GTV first series: again, that’s beautiful but not original as well as the door panels. What’s really special of this car is that is one of the few built in 1966, their first production year. Find it for sale here in Flanders, NJ, with bidding at $9,400 and reserve not met.

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