Green beam: 1970 TVR Vixen 1600


This model is the ‘weakest’ sister of the mighty Tuscan equipped with a 289 c.i. Ford Windsor engine. Apart fromt their hearts, both cars, outside, look pretty the same.


Also this model, the Vixen, is pushed by a Ford engine but in thsi case the displacement is of 1,600 c.c. and it has the half of the cylinders: this means of course less power but, on the other side, also less weight: this car is not heavier than 1,700 lbs so you easily understand that it doesn’t needs tons of power to give satisfaction to the driver.


We didn’t understand why the seller has called it “2500”: the car is clearly equipped with a four cylinder engine fed by one carburetor only; it has been repainted outside but the engine bay and the interiors show their age, while being not bad at the same time: sure is that the car, globally, is nice and indeed many ebayers are watching it. Find it for sale here in Menphis, TN, with bidding at $8,000 and reserve not met.

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