Lots of records: 1981 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000


There are a lot of these Alfa Romeo Spiders for sale but there are a problem with most of them: their value is not high (they’re absolutely underrated in our opinion) so a restoration is out of the question.


Then, the point is about finding one which is very good conditions: this particular car seems to match such requirement and, more than that, it is said to have 47,000 miles and a lot of records dating back to 1988: this makes a big difference compared to other similar cars actually for sale.


The records say that this car has been always properly maintained: it was born with a Spica mfi but lately has been converted to a couple of Dell’Orto carburetors and this, while going against the respect of the originality, are a good thing for the reliability and maintainance. The overall look is very good with everything in the right place: what we don’t like at all is the roll bar which, we guess, is bolted to the chassis so removing it wouldn’t be a great deal. Find it for sale at $13,900 (obo) here in Gresham, OR.

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