Number 12: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale


This Giulietta SS is being sold as you see it: basically that’s a bare shell with wheels and nothing more than that. What’s actually interesting is that this car is said to be the 12th car ever produced (chassis #AR10120*0012)


The seller says that this car has been imported from Venezuela and that’s not a big news: there lived a lot of italian immigrants since the beginning of the 20th century, many of them made a fortune and used to buy (and import) italian cars. Lots of them have been discovered there and we’re pretty sure that many have still to be unearthed.


The car however had some modification in the past: rear end, rear wheel arches and part of the nose are not anymore like they were once. But, most of all, we wonder if the body of this car is made of aluminium because that’s how the very first SS were built. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $41,300) here in Ponte di Piave, Italy.

5 thoughts on “Number 12: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

  1. I would need verification of this car to show me the chassis number before I go and take the word of the seller. This car was built 1/11/1958 with engine number 00120.00005. This car was kept by Alfa Romeo according to the records. It must have been an in-house personal car or for testing. The story is how did it get to Venezuela? What life did it have there and where are all of the parts? This is one major project as parts were custom made for each shell. Most anything could be made to fit for trim from another donor SS, but it would only be correct if you can find the original engine. I will contact the seller and see what we can find out.
    Just as a side note…they only built about 100 aluminum bodies and they were what we call “low nose” without front bumpers.

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  2. I spoke at length via emails with the current seller. The car is real by chassis number. The car was found in Venezuela and brought back to Italy. It will take a donor car to put this back together from what I have seen. Being it is a low chassis number, it is worth the effort, in my opinion, to put this back on the road.


  3. I would believe that the chassis number is more of the 00120 upto 00129 range. The last number on the add reads an x, this would mean an undefined number for me, more important is the fact that the number has only two 0’s in front of the , chassis numbers were 5 digits with the 750 cars, hence it should have been 00012 instead of 0012x.


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