Spider inside: 1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto 1600


Someone would say that this is the right car in the right place: every Alfa Romeo enthusiast knows the film “The Graduate” where a young Dustin Hoffman used to drive a car like this, painted with the same color, received as bachelor gift by his parents.


This one, given its conditions, can’t ever be used in a movie but, on the other side, can be the right candiate for a full restoration. We don’t know the actual conditions of the body but we could trust the seller who says that has some rust on rockers but no more than that.


This is actually a former Texas car so the dry climate of western Texas could have helped the car to keep a dry body (and a cockpit full of spider webs). Other than that, the car looks complete (and the seller too says that it is) and that the engine turns freely. The price is not a gift but, you know, these cars are more and more appreciated by now. Find it for sale at $12,000 here in Carmel Valley, CA.

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