Two stroke wagon: 1962 DKW F94 Universal


The seller hasn’t probably a clear idea of what model is this and we perfectly understand him, as these are not well known cars, nonetheless these are very special cars.


Built with the traditional german quality (not belonging to modern german cars), these cars belongs to the first generation of cars built after the Germany was razed to the ground, they were all small and economic cars but solid and reliable at the same time. What we don’t understand is why this one is advertised as a 1962 car: we used to know that these were produced up to 1959.


This one is equipped with a three cylinder, two stroke engine which makes the same sound of a six cylinder engine (3=6 they use to say) and, in this version, it produces 40 bhp enough to push this car up to 70 mph. Of course this is not about the speed but the car itself which is an absloute head turner. The car seems in beautiful conditions and it seems it needs nothing. Find it for sale at $29,900 here in Miami, FL.


3 thoughts on “Two stroke wagon: 1962 DKW F94 Universal

  1. As the engine bay shots allow to see, this is a Brazilian-build DKW (check the “VEMAG” sticker inside the bay). Here in Brazil, the F94 was produced with some cosmetic changes, especially in the front end, in different body styles (2-door wagon, 4-door saloon and the Brazil-only Fissore coupe) until 1967. So this is why the car is a 1962 model.

    It was built in a joint-venture between DKW and local partner VEMAG, hence the DKW-VEMAG name. If I recall correctly, the Brazilian operation was the last one to be phased out by Volkswagen, in the same year the cars had their last facelift.


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