Restoration day: 1953 and 1955 Porsche 356 Coupé


We all know that the pre-56 Porsche 356 are becoming untouchable, no matter in what conditions they are, so always more often we see for sale cars that, up to five years ago, we would not have taken even for free.


Unfortunately we don’t make rules, market does so here we are comenting wat remains of two Porsche 356 (ak.a. Pre-A), the first one is offered by Unobtanium brothers and that’s a ’53 coupé (chassis #51590) which needs everything but at least it preserves the original shape. There’s not much to comment here (no interiors, no floors, no engine) but this could be a nice basis for an hot rod (made with taste). It’s sold without reserve here in Ravena, NY.


The second one is being sold by BHCC and it seems in worse conditions than the first one, that’s a’55 which has been probably cut in the past in order to make it a Speedster, or just to be used as a scruffy race car. This at least has still the instruments and a late aircooled VW engine. Find it for sale at $59,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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