Special combo: 1965 Lancia Flaminia GT Coupé by Touring


This is a quite “common” Flaminia Coupé built fifty years ago by Touring coachworks, but its color combo is not common at all.


Indeed that’s the first time that we see this light blue on this model and, trust us, we’ve seen a lot of these for sale. That is probably a special order color which is mated to a dark red interior: that’s quite a striking combination which you don’t see usually. It seems the same light blue used on Maserati of the same period.


Other than that, the car has several issues first of all, the seller says that it has no paper and that’s not a minor issue, then the ar is said to miss some parts: what the seller has is in the photos so, for instance, we see that all the dashboard is missing, along with many interior trims. Of course, it all depends on how much the car will be sold. Find it for sale here in Veurne, Belgium, with bidding at $9,600 and reserve not met.

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