Mutation/3: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

“I’m a different person, yeah, turn my world around…” (Lola’s Theme, The Shapeshifters)


This Giulia SS has changed a lot outside. We don’t know by the hand of who and when, fact is that the body has been completely rebuilt taking inspiration, clearly, from the TZ and some element from the Superflow, especially for the nose.


Another fact is that this job is not an homemade one: it has been clearly done by someone who knew how to work with metal (the seller doesn’t mention whether the body is made of steel or aluminium, we suppose this last one) and have some very nice details even if the rear end is a little too bulky in our opinion.


Nothing about the engine is mentioned as well but as long as it has 112 hp it should be the correct type 121 of the SS. Interiors are very spartan as they’re supposed to be, also here the TZ inspiration is clear; it would be nice to have more info about this special one whch was for sale, until few weeks ago, at €195,000 (today $230,000). Today however, is for sale here in Dietachdorf, Austria, with price on request.


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