Portland red: 1975 Maserati Merak 3000


The actual owner of this Merak 3000 owns this car since ten years ago so he knows it well: he says that’s a solid car in very good restored conditions.


He also says that the car, although not in showroom conditions, runs very well and that it has never been wrecked and hat it has a clear title. The most important thing here is the engine which was replaced with a new maserati unit with 1k mile on it.


The transmission has been rebuilt as well when the engine was replaced along with the entire wiring harness in 2010: we believe that was a savvy move. Such list is enriched by a new Flowmaster exhaust installed in 2012. It seems that only the paint is not that good but he says it looks good at a first glance. Find it for sale at $30,000 here in Portland, OR.


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