4 Hours operation: 1968 Alfa Romeo GT Junior “Hot Rod”


This “bad” GT Junior has been built with the main purpose of racing, on the other side nothing will stop its future owner to drive it along the streets, scarying the neighborhood and challenging Porsches at the traffic lights.


It is a “typical” rebuilt but, noneteless, that doesn’t mean that building a car like this is cheap: we all know how much some race parts cost and you can easily realize that the asking price is barely enough to cover the build cost alone. The seller says that $125k were needed to build it and we’re not surprised at all.


The parts list is too long to mention, what really matters is that the Twin Spark two litre engine produces 220hp and that the car has that GTA “bad” look that all the afisti, and not only, are in love with. Sure this is a toy for few but we think that is worth the asking price. Find it for sale at $79,500 here in San Carlos, CA.


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