Another white: 1967 Maserati Mexico


Two days, two white coupes. The one published on last friday was a german coupè equipped with cutting edge technology (for its period), this indeed is an italian monster with 50’s technology.


Of course saying “BMW” is nowhere near to say “Maserati” and this, coupled with the fact that the Mexico was produced in near 500 cars, makes the difference on price, even for a car liek this which seems a garage find or something like that.


This car should come from Colorado (at least its title is) where it has been parked for many years in some garage or barn: it loos pretty original both inside and outside, it has a very elegant color combo and a beautiful set of Borrani which, alone, are worth one quarter of the car value. It seems a dry car which is candidate both to a full restoration or to be kept as is. Find it for sale at $62,500 here in Denver, CO.


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