Coffee and cream: 1976 Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1.3S


We usually see many Lancia Fulvia Coupé for sale, but often there is something that doesn’t work: sometimes it’s too expensive, too battered or both. This, however, seems a right compromise.


True is the fact that this is a 3rd series car which, differently from the early series, has more details coming from Fiat which took over Lancia in 1969: for this reason the 3rd series in not the more sought Fulvia, but stil it has amost all the virtues you’d expect from this little coupé.


This particular car is said to have been restored: we do’t believe that’s about a rotisserie restoration but on the other side the car has beel all its life in Sicily which has somewhat the same climate of the southern California, so we suppose that the car is solid. It has been repainted in its maroon with brand new cream interiors; the engine is said to have been rebuilt as well as the brakes. We believe that the only things to do is replacing the tires which look tired and old. Find it for sale at €9,000 (today $10,100) here in Agrigento, Italy.


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