Steel wheels: 1960 MG A Twin Cam


Once again, the seller of this rare Twin Cam has omitted to report the build year of this MGA, one of the 2,100 produced with the twin cam engine from 1958 to 1960.


Other than having a special engine, this car was equipped with a set of steel wheel (no wire wheels on these) and disc brakes on four corners; unfortunately the engine had a bad reputation as the SU carburettors becoming lean due to the effects of engine vibration at certain RPM, thus rising the temperature and melting down the pistons. A quick fix is enough but the bad reputation remains anyway.


This particular car is an italian delivered specimen which has a black plate from 1965 and inded the seller says that the car had two owners before him: the car has been comletely restored in its beautiful Glacier Blue; the car comes also with its aluminium hardtop and a spare Nardi wheel (to be restored). Find it for sale at €49,000 (today $55,000) here in Catania, Italy.

2 thoughts on “Steel wheels: 1960 MG A Twin Cam

  1. great to know that there’s a quick fix for this problem. I’ve seen an MG A on “Wheeler Dealers” a few months ago and they were glad their car’s engine was the old, non-twin cam one.


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