Matching #, tools and books: 1977 Porsche 911S 2.7


This sunroof equipped, 911S is said to be a matching numbers car painted in a very rare color: it is indeed rare as not many like it, personally I like it just because it’s not usual.


We believe that the shade name is “Talbot Yellow”, a color which belonged mre to the sixties than te seventies, however it is mated with “camel” interiors and the overall look is very nice, also considering that it is said to be the first paint.


Other than the paint, also the engine issaid to be original with 157,000 miles on it: quite a lot but these engines can stand more than that if they have been properly used and serviced. Over $25,000 of maintenance receipts come with the car, along with the original books and tools. Find it for sale at $37,000 here in Corona, CA.


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