Verona Legend Cars 2017


Also this year a lot of classic cars (and not only) have been displayed in Italy at Verona Legend Cars, the exibition held in Verona which blinks the eye to the most important exibition held in Padova during the last weekend of every October.


A lot of dealer took their cars among which there were some interesting lots, however we missed a bit the presence of private sellers who were actually few. Not many cars to restore there but, differently from the past years, there were more spare parts sellers which is always a good thing for who is in the process of restoring his classic cars.


On the other side, whoever is predicting a big crash in the classic cars market since three-four years ago is still wrong as prices are strong and we can’t spot any signs of a market weakening: maybe prices don’t keep growing like two-tree years ago but that is actually usual: prices can’t grow forever.


Two makes starred the show: Alfa Romeo and Porsche, alone these two producers covered at least the half of the cars displayed: not only 911 and 356 but also 924, 944 and 928 begin to appear on the carpets. Photos are worth more than thousands words so enjoy the gallery here.

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