Half car: 1931 Auburn 8-98 “Boat Tail Speedster”


The lovers of cars from the thirties would goggle seeing this project and they are partially right: partially because only half of this car is a real Speedster.


The seller says that  years ago he started looking for a Boat Tail Speedster project: he was unable to find one so he ended up buying a 1931 Auburn 8-98 Cabriolet project. Then they knew an ACD (Auburn, Cord, Duesemberg) club member selling a Boat Tail Speedster Body and parts which they finally bought and installed on the 8-98 previously bought along with some parts.


Basically here you will start with an almost complete car, with its correct inline-eight Lycoming engine (#GR32323A) and many parts which are said to have been e-chromed. Last but not least, the body is straight and solid with the correct wood frame inside: maybe not the perfect Speedster you were lookng for, bt for sure one of the very few projects of this kind. Find it for sale here in Star, ID, with bidding at $26,600 and reserve not met.


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