Distracted by war: 1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1750 Veloce


The seller of this 1750 Gt Veloce says that he owns the car since 1985 when it was is daily driver until 1991 when he was “distracted” by a war so he left the car without the spark plug installed.


So the engine rusted and the owner didn’t drive them since. The problem is that time passes, especially for classic Alfas, so the car began to deteriorate up o what we can see today: a car which needs to be completely restored but, at the same time, it is a good starting point for the job.


This is a Spica injected car but, thinking to a total restoration, the best thing could be to convert it to the good old Webers: the best option is to buy a couple of original set and then to restore them, instead of buying a set of reproduction. The body needs to be fixed but the good is that the glasses all around are ok and that the interior, other than being a mess, show the original seats which are rare to find if missing. Find it for sale here in Cyril, OK, with bidding at $5,000 and reserve not met.

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