Old faithful: 1958 Volvo PV445 Duett


The long time owner and seller of this particular Volvo calls it “Old Faithful” and that’s probably because he owns it since many years.


When we see cars like this we wonder how strange is that people in U.S. could buy a little wagon like this, also with a small engine just when the U.S. car market was flooded with giant wagons with big V8 engine under the hood: that’s the charm of the foreigner maybe.


This is not a concourse car but the good is, as we’ve said before, at least, it is at least since 30 years in the hand of the same guy who, of course, could tell you a lot of stories about it. As the photos show, it was originally painted in the same color scheme of today but it was also painted in blue (but the owner has still the same hat). Few words written yo describe the car, however he says that he was offered 10 grands (which were, of course, not enough). Would 11k be enough? Find it for sale here in Bay Area, CA.

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