Two for one: 1969 Simca 1200s by Bertone


Still in France today to check a couple of interesting cars, one of which will be sacrificed to let the other one live for many years ahead.


That’s about a couple of Simca 1200S designed by Bertone, one of the cars we like most because it’s tiny, has a cute shape and also a spicy engine derived by a Fiat four cylinder unit. They’re also cheap to maintain and very agile one twisty roads (only if you don’t take too much confidence with it as these have the same weight distribution of a Porsche 911).


The seller says that this two cars-lot is indivisible; there is one engine and one complete interior between two bodies which seem quite solid, actually the problem here could be to check if any part is still present but at least you’ll have a spare body and suspesions which is not bad at all. Find it for sale at €8,900 (today $9,500) here in Montfavet, France.

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