Open minded: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC


The GTC was probably a bet of Alfa Romeo, maybe to test the waters when the era of the Giulietta Spider definitely arrived to the last stop. Whatever it was made for, the bet was lost.


First of all because of the cost: the production of this car was given to Touring in Milano, a shop highly specialized in doing hard-core modification, so they added some chassis reinforcement on the floors and near the rear wheel wells, then replaced the hardtop with a soft one.


This could have been a perfect move, but somehow it didn’t. We believe that the main reason was that this car was born with a racing DNA and this transformation was felt by Alfa enthusiasts like a betrayal. So, around 1,000 of these were made and this is one of those: not a concours car for sure but a good original option for whoever likes it, mostly because we have seen wrecks for sale for just few grands less. Find it for sale at $65,000 here in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

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