Towards the end: 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale


This (chassis AR381249) is one of the very last Giulia SS produced: actually that’s the first time we see one from 1966 and one of the few painted in Bosforo blue, which is a very rare color on these cars.


The color is, actually, the main reason why we have decided to publish this car: it’s not the best or the cheaper of all the SS for sale in this moment but the special color deserves a premium, also because it is mated with a brown interior, that’s a very nice color combo eve though interiors don’t look so nice.


So, although interiors need to e redone we have, on the other side the seller says that the engine (a correct type 121) and transmission have been fully rebuilt. The body looks very solid and basically rustless; for sure the floors are not the original anymore but that’s not bad at all. The fuel system is said to have been cleaned because the car has been stored for many years. Find it for sale at $129,500 here in San Francisco, CA.

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