Unknown model: 1969 Bizzarrini Europa Spider


The Bizzarrini Europa was basically the shrunk version of the bigger and very expensive 5300 GT Strada, equipped with an aluminium body and a 327 c.i. Chevrolet Engine.


The Europa, on the other side, was equally beautiful but was build in order to fulfill the needs and the wallet of a less rich customers; it had a fiberglass body and generally was equipped with a 1897 c.c. inline-four Opel engine, although these cars were built upon request and many of them had different features.


Maybe just because these cars were basically “custom” made, we didn’t know about a spider version: the one published here looks a pure spider without even the soft top, we don’t know if the car was intended to be so or if the soft top has been just lost. Interiors look quite raw,more similar to a kit car than to a GT; the engine has one only carburetor but all the Bizzarrini we’ve seen so far had the same engine fed by a couple of Webers; we’d have so many questions about it but one certainty: the car looks beautiful Find it here near Milano, Italy, with bidding at $20,100 and no reserve price.

3 thoughts on “Unknown model: 1969 Bizzarrini Europa Spider

  1. Some years ago there was a run of these fiberglass bodies made. There wasn’t any “kit” that you could buy to go with it as it was up to the person finishing the car to put it together. So, there were only a few that were ever completed. The last time I saw any of these shells (5) was behind a barn near Visalia, CA. with rusting frames. Where those shells went I have no clue. There was a red one in the San Fernando Valley that was completed with electric windows but that was decades ago. The glass for the windshield and rear window came from an Italian car, the name escapes me now. The frame was wide enough you could drop in just about anything. I had hoped to get one and put in a hot 2 liter Alfa Nord engine.


  2. When you talk about low production vehicles like this, you find out that it is a small world. The car was up to the owners imagination to finish it. This car you showed the link to was done correctly. A labor of love and exquisite taste. The cars I mentioned in my previous post were just sitting outside. The fellow that I know that had the shells bought them from somewhere in Italy as the price was right and had them shipped over. The frames were rusting and I kept thinking of how much labor it would take to get the frame out from the shell to rid it of the rust. I took a pass. I am sure someone in the Bizzarrini club knows the whereabouts of all of them.


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