Red, small, open: 1949 Siata Amica by Bertone


The “Amica”, a little cabrio built by Bertone coachworks, was built in two series: one based on the Fiat 500B chassis; the other, like this car here, on the Fiat 500C.


As many cars of that era, this was the tentative to build a small “exotic” open car starting from an affordable and reliable chassis-mechanicals combo: actually these were sold in good numbers but still it wasn’t a car for the masses: soon after WWII Italy was healing from a lot of damages and there was no money to spend on “funny” cars.


This particular car is said to have been restored some years ago and indeed on of the photo posted comes from a film camera; it is said to have the original papers and italian black plate and it looks like it’s still in very good conditions. We clearly see tat the nose badge is missing but it still has its original bumpers which are quite rare; seats are very nice but we don’t believe that the hubcaps are original: that’s not a surprise as those have been missing on the 90 percent of these cars. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $61,000) here in Roma, Italy.

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