Autodelta feeling: 1969 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

Screen Shot 06-12-16 at 07.09 PM

This GTA tribute has been built on, of course, a red 1969 GT Junior 2nd series which has been properly restored.


The owner cearly didn’t want to go “in deep” with the evocation and indeed the car has just few elements which make it resemble a GTA: bumpers removed (they will come with the car) , GTA replica wheels (a must on these cars) and a different front grille.

Screen Shot 06-12-16 at 07.07 PM

We can’t spot lowered suspensions and that astonishes us a bit: these cars change radically their look when they are two inches lower than stock, however the good here is that the car comes with two engines: the original 1300, revvy but weak, and the mighty 2000 c.c. actually installed which, we are sure, will give many satisfactions to the new owner. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $31,500) here in Rovigo, Italy.


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